top 10 charmed blogs 2017

We have had a massive shift this last year, beginning a homestead, establishing new leadership roles in our community, a couple kids transitioning into adultishness. We’re still loving our simple, small town life here in the southwestern mountains of Canada. Four of us are still homeschooling, I’m still writing here and writing even more behind the scenes.

Not surprisingly, my top 10 charmed blogs reflect that transition…

1. raw land…we took 3 acres of unadulterated land and began to fashion it into a home

raw land

2. build the house…we actually built that home after nearly ten years of planning

build the house

3. how to beat the slump month…January and February are the blah homeschool months, what to do with them?

4. homesteading…the beginning aspect of our journey as suburbanites turned mountain homesteaders


5. homeschooling in British Columbia…a unique understanding of the regional process, and utter freedom, to homeschool in our part of the world (you’re going to want to move here)

6. February: loving my kids…what it means to me, at this time of life — the practice of parenting always changes though doesn’t it?

How to Love your Homechool Kids

7. doubt in your homeschool choice…cause that’s always a thing, whether the doubt arises from external or internal sources

8. 100 days celebration…gotta celebrate the little things, the big things, the everyday things

9. February: loving my husband…can’t overlook one of the most significant people in our family and homeschool

How to Love My Homeschool Husband

10. Gratitude List…gratitude as the focus, instead of resolutions and plans

…and I will add one of my favourite blogs this 2017…

11. The Art of Language and Having Something to Say…cause our children learning to communicate and speak their mind means more than learning the function of grammar and sentence structure

the art of language: having something to say

Thanks for sharing 2017 with me, whoever you are…I don’t always know who is reading, unless you tell me as we’re having tea, or you share a comment below, so I’d love to hear more about who you are…add your blog or website in the comment section and shoot me a message.

For the 2018 New Year, I wish you health and happiness in your homestead and homeschool.

xx Teresa