When I grow up, I want to be a veterinarian

I may have missed my calling. I am loving this first honeymoon week of critter care. The emotion similar to my husband’s and my engagement week, or our honeymoon week, or every baby post-partum week.

Puppy and chicks, woot woot! I’m loving it.

I’m diligent and eager to wipe those chick butts. (yes, that’s a thing if you aren’t familiar, I’ll let you look up ‘pasty butt’ yourself). I’m watching their temperature adjustments, cleaning their water and filling their feed trough. Best of all is watching CHICK TV. They are hilarious. No “excuse me” found in the brooder, just scramble on top of my hen friend and get over to the other side. (Which makes me question the meaning of the joke, “Why did the chicken cross the road?” Why did the chicken cross the road?)

If you’re in an urban area, you can still keep chickens. Perhaps this website will give you ideas:

Puppy care is much more hands on, of course. But look into those wee pretty eyes and see a heart of gold. She’s got all of us heartstrung. Every night someone has slept on the verandah with her. I think her separation anxiety from wee siblings is eased by her new herd and flock. Flock of chicks that I let her visit every day. And herd of people that spend oodles of time with her.

Puppy is learning to come, though with incredible stubbornness, and preferably not on a lead. She’s learning to sit, shake a paw and catch a ball. This was not expected with this breed, as she was expected to think it was beneath her to catch balls. Perhaps she’ll grow out of it, but she’s loving it now. Her tail wagging declares it.

Puppy is learning to walk the perimeter of the house, play gymnastics games on the lawn (well, she can’t do a one handed cartwheel yet, but she’s watched many). Someday soon, we’ll begin to show her the perimeter of her property.

She doesn’t have an addiction to barking at nights, but she has, expectedly, barked at new people. Though younger new people seem not to daunt her. She spooked the kids attempting to sleep with her on the verandah as she wanted to pull hard on the lead to head for a loud crunching noise down by the river. She was a puppy on a mission. The kids came in. We slept outside with her. (I lasted only a few hours.)  Watching a boy and his dog was epic (my husband and his new puppy). Not had I ever thought he would warm up to a dog quite like that.

And if you are wondering whether our new puppy has a name. She did not until yesterday. Consensus is a challenge in a six person family. She has been “girlfriend” to me. “Hey girlfriend, how’s it going?” I ask her as I open the door in the morning. All wagging tail and floppy furry ears and big ole eyes staring back at me. Smitten is what we are. Smitten with Violet.