homeschool update

You’d think I was doing nothing but homesteading with all these homestead posts. Based on my tan, you might partly be right. Beginning of June and I’m as tan as I am usually at the end of a summer.

What are the kids doing in this mix?

We take a seasonal shift at the beginning of May. A different pace. The sun is out, the world ripe for possibility, so why sit inside a stuffy room with a stack of books?

Our 12 year old…

…is planning our 13 year, ‘welcome to adulthood’ trip. “Trip planning is so much more work than I thought, Mom.” The decade of days we spent planning and organizing our many adventures all paid handsomely in lifetime memories, but So.Much.Work. (you can read about them on or listen to me share about them on a soon to be released homeschool podcast).

…is reading “The Secret Life of Bees” by Sue Monk Kidd, one of my all time favourite authors.

…is building her YouTube channel. (This girlfriend is a natural born actress. But she likes to say she has watched too many youtube hacks and how to’s) 😬

…is helping me corral chicks in their outdoor time and train our new pup. She is a natural born vet too. She can even catch those chicklets with ease.

…is still doing math.

…is building a swing for her ‘home’ down by the water.

…is making cupcakes.

…keeping up on her community laundry job.

Our 15 year old…

…is dance dance dancing…and opportunities for community performances abound.

…just finished choir and her performance.

…is working two shifts at the caterer/local bakery each week.

…is practicing her one handed flips and teaching her sister the tricks of the trade.

…just finished ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ and has move on to ‘The Mysterious Benedict Society’

…is mostly not around home, as she has seven dance classes and two weekly work shifts.

…practices her piano playing, via the iPad.

…just finished her on line Apologia science class…did a make up exam for her imperfect exam mark (one was wrong, ooy), so she wrote an essay on why the Statue of Liberty changed colours.

Our 9 year old…

…is reading reading reading…Guiness World Records, and Only Ivan…discussing walls of waves in a book today, he could quote me that the tallest house in the world. Much like his dad, he is a random fact collector.

…is taking every second I will give him to play on-line chess, which his dad does too…they play people from all over the world.

…and will also take every second he can get playing minecraft, fortnite or watching unspeakable videos.

…sawing limbs from a tree so he can do gymnastics across the pond, playing zipline with his friends and kicking the soccer ball outside.

…finished a bird house with me.

…corrals chickergarden time in the makeshift chicken run.

…is doing soccer practice and games twice a week.

…is finishing the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe series…he loves it, and he loves that I’ll provide a regular supply of Big Turk (cause they eat…)

Together, the three youngers and I just read a version of Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew. Could there be a more patriarchal story of marriage? Yet, the laughs that this story provided! Outrageous. This choice was prompted by a movie we watched: “Ten Things I Don’t Like About You“. We write impromptu limericks and haikus. The 12 year old is especially talented, a haiku machine.

These three also ran the Bloomsday Run with us in early May.

Our 17 year old…

…is studying for her physics exam, completing English assignments and history requirements at the local high school over the next two weeks.

…finished her two on-line classes, psychology and social studies, in squeaky good time.

…did an orientation for a new job at a prestigious restaurant.

…is dance dance dancing too, and performing as often as her fifteen year old sister.

…is loving on her new puppy Violet.

…is singing with her choir, Corazon, and performing in many opportunities in the community and even into Ontario.

…is finishing two years of high school in her final year, graduating high school in two weeks. Say whaaa?

…and planning to travel to Mexico, no wait, Greece, or we shall see…

Just as spring is ripe with possibility, so are our families. Ripe with opportunity and activity. May spring sprung into flourishing summer in each of our kids’ summers and lives.