Writing: teaching literary device using pop culture

I  was searching for an accessible way to explain literary device when my oldest was asking for help in her final high school English class.

If you’re thinking, what even is a literary device, an abbreviated, succinct version exists here: http://www.literarydevices.com/

And when you sit to watch a few of these videos, include your pop culture trained kids. You’ll figure it out as quickly as they will. You know they’re already familiar with YouTube, movies, and music.

Similes and metaphors:


Hyperbole, metaphor, simile, personification, alliteration, onomatopoeia:

For the younger crowd, there is this Literary Terms song. Thank you Mrs. Day.

An excellent summary of many terms of figurative language found in this lesson plan:

Click to access standard_4_artifact.pdf

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If you’ve got younger kids, these Disney characters will teach them:


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If you’ve got older kids, these movies might point toward different literary devices:


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And call me a sucker for the go-to literary device that rolls off my tongue:


8 Song Lyrics that Use Alliteration

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I hope this was enlightening. How do you teach literary techniques?