Homestead Update

This, right here, sunshine greeting me as I walk out of my bedroom, prophesies a picturesque summer day.  Gardenias are challenging to grow, or keep alive, but the one on my window sill, continues to brighten my mornings.Peonies season has wrapped. But what beautiful bouquets to throw around our home. (& an excellent way to bring bugs inside;)

Despite shade cover, my greens production has been shockingly underwhelming. Bolting in a day. This particular garden bed does not have much soil, and will need to be significantly amended come fall.

Compost tea, anything but pretty, but is known as a nutritive benefit to the garden. It stinks. It might possibly attract crows flying overhead, but haven’t seen them yet. I fertilize once a week with a fish manure-water mix.Our strawberry bed is bursting with strawberry gems. I’ll eat them out of hand, make freezer jam, strawberry rhubarb pie, or freeze them for later use. Impressive for the first season. They grow with cucumbers and borage and amended with alfalfa and anything else I can get my hands on.

img_9831Violet enjoys all the vistas as we also do in the hot afternoons. Violet has been a handful, trying to teach her not to nip, without exasperation, is challenging. But with loads of positive attention, I think she is getting it.

She is certainly helping to corral the chickens. Most definitely interested in socializing with the newest chicks. One of which, I believe, is a rooster.

img_0027And some of us humans are interested in socializing with the chickens too…I don’t even remember what this one’s name is, other than her stage name, Kim Karchickian.

img_0008Fermenting garlic dill carrots is prettier in picture. I prefer the dilled version.
Is it typical that chickens don’t learn to fly to the roost on their own? This took mine a few weeks. I placed them up here for photos.With summer heat comes summer wane. I’m less enthused to move mulch and soil to the new garden beds. I’d rather sit back and enjoy the sites.

“Summer afternoons, summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.” — Henry James

Show me what you’ve been up to in your garden.