homestead update

Give me less heat, and I will go outside. Even my sunburn turned tan is begging for a reprieve. I easily could water twice a day (but I don’t)–feels all anti-earth and stuff. Having said that, you can’t feed a family without watering the garden.

You will find me inside enjoying quieter things, like writing, chess playing (when I’m especially bored, sorry bud), or homeschool planning. Tis that season. And I’ve finally garnered some energy to look at the homeschool stuff again. But this isn’t the homeschool planning post. That’ll come next week.

Greens have bolted long ago, despite covering. Tomatoes and squash are happy. My strawberry and raspberry patch are robust. Calendula is blooming, though not as many as I had originally planted. I’ll use it for the massage oil I wrote about in my last homestead hacks post. I’ll send some home with a soap-making friend too.


This doesn’t happen often. When they’re willing, I will take it.


Grapes! Eeek!


The chickens are relieved to see me with my afternoon watermelon rind offering. No eggs yet! I leave the door to their run open in the morning so they can wander the orchard, but Violet quickly shews them back. The girl knows how to move a chicken. The chickens naturally move themselves into the coop at 2030 every night. Just one of them stays hunkered in a corner with the three youngest. Ironically the last chicken into the coop at night.

The chickens look nearly full size at two months. They are learning to share as I included the younger three into the mix a week ago. Only this morning did I notice they all ate at the same trough.

Violet, our four month old Great Pyrenees, is still being taught not to nip, to not jump into the laps of strangers (she’s a kinda big puppy, but she loves attention). I have her sitting before I place her meal in her bowl. She will mostly sit on command, occasionally lay down, but definitely stay out of the house and garden.

Wood continues to be chopped in my husband’s ‘spare’ time. It’s happy to dry in the summer sun. The biggest wood project around these parts originated from my son’s friends. The three are working to engineer and create a floating raft. These kids are talented. So proud of them. The platform is nearly complete and awaiting floats. What will the three adventurers have on their raft?

I hope to plant a few more perennials along the driveway, down the garden hillside, on the side of the house, but I’m in that summer heat wave where ‘it’s too hot to go outside’. Having said that, my swimsuit is on, time to join the kids at the river.