giverny homestead winter update

Giverny of the Mountains, the house.
Perhaps I’ll have to paint window shutters and the front door apple green, because our home doesn’t look like Claude Monet’s home in France. The exterior blue clapboard, the watercolour greens and blues of the trees and river, the peaceful ambience of this untouched land, well, these certainly remind me of his waterlily masterpieces. My fascination with Monet, his work, home and gardens, began when I was a child. I still have cheap prints (obviously) hung in the guest room and framed above the fireplace in my study. My gardens are tidier than Monet’s, but my pond is a presently rustic pallet awaiting water lilies, wisteria and weeping willow trees. Perhaps one day there will be a green arched walkway across the pond, instead of fallen coniferous that the kids use as balance beams. My passion for gardening matches Monet’s. He said, “All my money goes into my garden, I am in raptures.” Yup, ditto. I could do that if I let myself. Less romantically, the freezing temps (five degrees below zero) are apparent when you look at our air to heat pump.
And the disorganization post Christmas is apparent on the verandah…
Neptune & Meredith.
Who gets the least blog time from our homestead? Our kitties. The felines keep themselves busy all winter, not just keeping themselves warm and slept, they also search for unwanted guests in the greenhouse.
Violet. This ten month old teenager has us on a steep learning curve. She loves the neighbours, bounding to their doors with robust energy and vivacious barking. Naturally, the neighbours don’t perceive her as friendly.
She is hitched to the exterior of the chicken coop by day, and the house by night. She has ample attention and five daily walks, from early morning to late night. Violet also gets to run leash-less on the canalside walkway. Her wandering personality still likes to return for tummy rubs or treats. But don’t tell her to come, just like a teenager, counterwill kicks in.
Chickens. These girls continue to lay, not all of them every day tho. Anywhere from 6-9 eggs a day. Eager to sell, we had few eggs in our daily consumption for a while. The kids were wondering when we could bake again. But when one did, a quiche so pretty I had to stop to photograph was presented on our dinner table.
Fuel & Firewood. Cause we got trees…
I’ve learned to build a quick fire. A little YouTube study and the correct fuel build and I’m a regular pyromaniac.
Pond. Though the pond is pummelled with snow, I can see the completed project in my mind: a Giverny pond, like Monet’s.
Gardening. Snow is thick and icy on the ground, but it’s time to start the garden! Seed organizing and catalogue perusing this week. Anyone want to trade seeds? I have more cabbage seed then we’ll eat. I hope to one day say with Monet, “My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece.”