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100 days celebration

We celebrated a 100 days of studies!

From years past, celebrating with younger kiddos, and celebrating now, with older kiddos, here are some simple, and fun, things to do at your 100 day party.

1. Start with a 100 Day Breakfast.

This year, no one was counting down the days to our 100 day party, except for me, so I invited everyone to the breakfast table for surprise pancakes. The clues were in the pancakes. (But not an easy clue.)

2. Smarties grammar word mapping.

Pull out any book, remind your kiddos about the different parts of speech and assign colours for each part of speech: red for pronouns, orange for conjunctions, yellow for adverbs, green for articles (remember ‘a’, ‘an’, ‘the’), blue for nouns, brown for prepositions, pink for adjectives, purple for verbs. Make it a race to the finish. Whoever wins, gets the smarties!


3. 100 drops of water.

A guesstimation game. Fill three glasses with water, one with a hundred drops and have the kids guess which glass is filled correctly.


4. Count to 100 game.

Using smarties, lentils, marshmallows, or chocolate chips, encourage your kiddos to count by 2s, 3s, 5s, 7s, and 9s ~ whatever gets them to go fast (and practice their skip counting).

5. Listen to Serial while building marshmallow constellations.

Okay, okay, not all of you are going to eagerly listen to that podcast, but we’ve been dabbling in forensic science.


6. Happy 100th day snack.

One carrot, two cucumber slices…my version of fun food. For super cool food ideas, you know where to check:

7. Listen to a French podcast on 100 things.

While making grape geometric shapes with skewers or dried spaghetti of course. Geometric shapes has absolutely nothing to do with 100 day party, but it’s fun.


8. Cookie or scone making with tea and a read-aloud.

Of course we do this most days, because who doesn’t like tea with reading in the afternoon? #youknowyou’reahomeschoolerwhenyoudrinkteawithschool

9. Free writing.

Use the word ‘100’ ten times in your story, and always give opportunity for kids to share their stories. Kids are free thinking and clever, and you will be entertained.

10. Paint a 100 dots.

Just cause we need some decorations in our schoolroom. Oh, and balloons. Always balloons.

11. Roll the Dice game. 

…till you can add or multiply your way to 100.

12. Write 100 Facts that You’ve Learned.

I love hearing what the kids five favourite books read this year so far have been, or five things they’ve learned in science, history, French, Latin, writing. Five favourite activities they’ve done this year.

They get to share with each other their unique interests and skills. I get to hear where their interests lie, and where they do not.

13. Documentaries.

This year it was Stats of Life (CBC) and Everest Rescue (Discover). They remind me that we should be watching more documentaries.

14. Crafting.

I almost never get to crafting. I want to be a crafty person, I admire the sewing/embroidering/knitting crafty people, but I want to do many other things first. This year, the kids’ scrapbooks awaited for just this day. They could help do their own pages.

Congratulations to my kiddos! We have made it through to the end of February! Just two more months until spring fully breaks and we break for spring.

Happy Studying! 

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