an interview with homeschool mama, Michelle Beazer

Peering into the lives of other homeschoolers is just plain interesting. It also gives us ideas for our own homeschools, our own children and families. It leaves us with a feeling of pride: this is our community, this is who we rub shoulders with, these are the benefits to homeschooling.

I have the pleasure of introducing you to Michelle Beazer.

Tell me about your children.

I have 4 kids ranging in age from 13 to 30, two girls and two boys.  I also have two cute granddaughters.

My eldest (30) is married, has graduated from college, lives in India and works in Social Media support.

Number 2 (22) has autism and is currently on an 18 month mission trip/apprenticeship in Utah. He also is working for Amazon to help support himself.  In September, he will be attending college in Perth, Ontario.

Number 3 (20) is currently attending Durham College in Oshawa, Ontario.  She hopes to be accepted into UOIT for forensic psychology.

Number 4 (13) is also on the autism spectrum and has learning disabilities but he is only 13 so he still has some time to work on his life goals. 😉

I also have a 16 year old girl living with us who refers to herself as our “rent to own” child.  She is sweet and funny and wants to be a writer and motivational speaker.

What brought you to homeschooling?

Back in the 1990’s there was a teacher strike so we dabbled into it at that time.  A few years later when my second child was closing in on Kindergarten age we decided at that time not to send him to school because of his medical issues… and we kind of just didn’t look back.

What was your educational/work background?

I have a computer graphics diploma from the 1990’s 😉

What are your goals for your children?

I would like them to be happy, functioning adults.  Adults who contribute to society and that are generous and kind hearted.

Do your children have present goals for themselves?

The older three do but, I think my youngest’s goal is to avoid schoolwork at all costs…

What is your understanding of an education? And how do you include that understanding in your homeschool?

Education for me is gaining knowledge because its important to know and understand the world.  Not just to write a test or “get a good mark”

I try to focus less on testing and more on asking “what did you learn?”

What challenges have you faced?

The biggest challenge has been divorce and the breakdown of our family.

How have you approached or overcome them?

I tried my best to focus on the kids and being the mom they needed in the hard times.

What self-care strategies do you think are most important for long-term homeschool mama satisfaction and balance?

Church and my church and homeschooling friends have been the most important thing for me.  Also constantly reminding myself childhood is a short season of life.  Once its gone, its gone.  So cherish the moments.  Laugh when they are funny. Snuggle when they need it.  If the curriculum is not engaging they will not learn so drop it and find something more interesting.

What are your favourite books?

 That’s a hard question… Just flipping through curriculum and I like any kind of science fiction stories.

What are your favourite on-line resources?

My favourite resources are homeschooling Mom blogs! 

What would you say are your favourite top five resources?

My top 5:

The Good and The Beautiful

Homeschool Mom Blogs

Schoolhouse Teachers

Khan Academy

And Google

Where can we find you on-line? What unique stamp do you offer the homeschool world? What resources do you have available?

You can find me lurking behind the scenes at the Canadian Division at The Old Schoolhouse.

On the 27th of April I will be handing out free magazines at the RVHEA conference in Ottawa.

Right now I am working with The Old Schoolhouse to develop The Canadian Schoolhouse.  A place for Canadians to connect with each other and share our culture.

Thank you for sharing your homeschool world!

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