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you know you’re a homesteader when…

Certain clues give away your homesteader status?

You’ve got a raw plot of land and you can see what it’ll be…someday.

There is always room for another chicken.

Outdoors is just another room in your home.

All poop is useful for the garden.

Anything that can be foraged should be foraged: reduce the grocery bill. And most green things were meant to be eaten anyways.

You own work/outdoor clothes, and there are more of them than dress-up or town clothes.

You know which trees are up for the chopping block next, marked with orange tape.

You’d rather not consume berries, eggs or produce that is perfectly uniform and lacking bugs and dirt.

You identify outdoor sounds. Of a neighbour dog barking at yours from across the river. Of a whiny bald eagle pair. Of a honking geese community. Of twittering robins. And knocking woodpeckers. Chainsaws and motorboats whizzing. River water rushing and wind rustling.

You know the sights. The clouds that say a beautiful summer day. The clouds that speak of a brewing storm. Of an overcast day that brings no rain.

You approach commercial kitchens and fish shops for scraps. Compost & fertilizer!

The state of your feet. Nuff said.

And you know you’re a modern homesteader when you’re on YouTube and the internet to learn all that homesteading jazz that you DIDN’T get taught as a child from suburbia…

Here are my favourite resources:

Blogs I love:

  1. Hello Homestead
  2. Better Hens and Gardens (aka Bramblestone Farms)
  3. Community Chickens
  4. The Prairie Homestead
  5. Attainable Sustainable
  6. Fresh Eggs Daily

YouTube Channels I love:

  1. Guildibrook Farms
  2. Farmhouse on Boone

Magazines I love:

  1. Capper’s Farmer
  2. Mother Earth News
  3. easy edible gardening
  4. Garden Making

Books I love:

  1. The Prairie Homestead by Jill Winger
  2. Groundbreaking Food Gardens by Niki Jabbour

Recipe Books I love:

  1. The Prairie Homestead by Jill Winger
  2. Mennonite girls can cook
  3. The Canning Kitchen by Amy Bronee
  4. Love & Lemons Cookbook by Jeanine Donofrio
  5. the Oh she glows cookbook by Angela Liddon
  6. the all new Purity Cookbook: A complete book of Canadian Cooking

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