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homeschool planning: what I want my kids to know

As I am in the midst of homeschool planning, I am considering what I want my kids to know before they leave home.

Not the lofty, high-minded stuff I had in mind when I first started homeschooling eleven years ago (like memorizing every constellation, university level calculus, SAT essay perfection…this list could travel to infinity and beyond.)

Now that I have a couple kids venturing into their independent lives, I am seeing what’s important from the other side.

The most important thing I can do for them isn’t…

a. doing anything for them. Instead, it’s usually stepping aside, letting them figure stuff out for themselves. And that figuring out can look awful messy sometimes. And sometimes I am in awe of how capable they are.

b. forcing their character to align with my expectations (though, darn it, I’ve tried/I try–they’re ‘born this way’ and have much to learn/ have natural born aptitudes and inborn challenges).

c. to judge them or shame them but to mirror truth and grace toward them.

My goal is to mirror truth and grace toward them.

Which means I’m…

a. gonna have to tell them the truth when the rest of the world might not be kindly assertive. (Though some of what I share might not be heard for a few years yet).


b. gonna give them grace aka love them no matter what, even if…cause I’m one of two humans on this earth that are called to do just that, love them, no matter what, even if

What do I want them to know at their core?

  1. to be independent in the world
  2. to coexist in the world
  3. to find the things they enjoy doing and brings them purpose
  4. to find a way to make an income doing the things they enjoy
  5. to bring value to those they love

Of course, I’m going to pepper our upcoming academic year with a few books and curriculum too. I’ll let you know more on that when I’m not reading at the river on these beautiful summer days! Happy summer!

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3 thoughts on “homeschool planning: what I want my kids to know

  1. Yes, this all makes absolute sense. My boys are now 20 and 21 and I hope and pray that I’ve done enough and I shall keep on going. Love sometimes can prevent us from telling them things that they might not want to hear. We don’t want to hurt them, we want to protect them. I miss the old days of when they were tiny. Lovely post and a good reminder. Katie

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