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principles for homeschool sanity: ‘the brave learner’ by Julie Bogart

Julie Bogart is the voice inside my head encouraging me on, providing me tools and empathizing with me every step of my homeschool journey. I’m rereading “The Brave Learner,” Julie Bogart’s recent offering, before I get started at another year of homeschooling.

I read from her each morning before I start my homeschool day. Here’s a sample passage from her recent “The Brave Learner.”

Principles for Homeschool Sanity:

Five Principles Helped Me Keep Going, she says…

1. No two years of homeschooling are ever the same.

Your children get older and change grades. Each child has a unique personality. What worked with one won’t necessarily work with the next.

2. You get bored.

Just because a curriculum is effective, doesn’t mean you must keep using it.

3. You can’t solve homeschooling.

There’s no philosophy or practice you can adopt perfectly enough to end your quest to get it right. You’ll reexamine and adapt ever year.

4. Real life intrudes.

Cancer, pregnancy, foreclosure, hurricanes and fires, elderly parents, death, special needs, divorce, job transfers, military deployments…There’s no escape. The years when crisis hits, homeschool takes a backseat. (Don’t worry–it’s flexible enough to accommodate.)

5. A pretty good homeschool is good enough.

No matter which philosophy you adopt (as structured as classical education or as unstructured as unschooling), you’re human. Your ability to put that philosophy into action is limited. You’ll have great stretches of imagination and flow, and others where you wonder if anyone is learning anything. Your aim is not perfection, but peace and progress. That’s good enough!”

Whew, a breath of energizing air! I’m ready for a new year!

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