homestead plans: next spring

My homestead plans for next year.

Every year I learn a little more about my outdoor space (mostly the soil) and also what my family will actually eat (fewer vegetables than me). The abundance of parsnips, eggplants and spaghetti squash only dazzle me, not my family. Next year, I’ll grow more peppers, jalapeños and carrots instead.

It’s a pleasure to share our outdoor space with interested BnB visitors. They ask question about natural edibles, animals, how we chose our land, the land development and house building process, life in a rural setting, homeschooling, and Cluckingham Palace.

I have many homestead development plans still…

Continue to plant grasses & find flowering perennials for stairs to firepit.
And build more stairs…
  • Paint “Giverny” on vegetable garden headboard.
  • Create proper stone steps for two sets of stairs towards fruit orchard.
  • Level seating area by chicken coop.
  • Build proper wood storage.
  • Build proper chicken coop compost zone.

The least attractive view on the ole homestead.

  • Create split log stairway from garden to river walkway.

One of the most beautiful views of the ole homestead…

The view from our burn pile, the trampoline, the septic field, and the tent in the summer. This view is not lost on me!
  • Determine what shrubs could be planted alongside chicken run (that the chickens won’t eat.)
  • Plant a thicket of shrubs along corner of fruit orchard.
  • Seed and grow more lavender so I can plant an edging along the river.
  • Replant greenhouse lilac suckers beside the electric shed.
  • Lay more pea gravel along walkways.
  • Decide what to put along greenhouse walkway.
  • Rain barrel!
  • Paint the verandah, again.
  • Install new perennial garden bed and plant shrubs, maybe tree, along driveway.

“My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece.” –Claude Monet