Christmas wish list: Brain Food for a kinesthetic, builder learner

Lego. (You knew I would add this product.) It’s so versatile, facilitates curiosity, and gets boys and girls thinking. Since it’s made of some form of hard plastic, I’m pretty sure this statement is accurate: a toy for the ages.

Gravitrax. A new fascination of my eleven year old son’s. Building, physics concepts, creativity: it has it all. It is on his wish list and might be hidden under my bed.

Trains. Whether they be Lego or any other version, electric trains facilitate all sorts of learning: electricity, physics, and kinesthetics.

Kanoodle. Though these pieces disappear in sofa cushions and at the edges of stairs, though these pieces are as uncomfortable to step on as Lego, this game gets those neural networks going.

Lego Technic. A hearty Christmas purchase, one that we’re not likely to achieve in our son’s lifetime, but if this is a Wishlist, I’m putting it on. So cool. This will get his little brain working for a very long time.

Labryinth. Play games at friends’ homes and you’ll find some cool new games. This might not have been on certain people’s Wishlists this year, but I’m thinking it’ll be loved.

Makeblock, Edu Robot. A clever that our son received last year. Robotics and electricity learned through building. (& I love Christmas gifts that don’t require me to build them and buy batteries for)

I want to know what you think. Let me know.

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