happy new year & charmed top ten posts of 2019

Happy almost 2020 to you and yours!

10. To my utter surprise, it’s really this page that garners the most attention twice as often as the most popular post, but since this page is as familiar as the back of my hand, I’m less likely to share it. I just updated it, so it is an accurate representation of everything I’m doing these days.

9. Doubt in your homeschool choice is a post I have reposted each year because, possibly, I’ve had doubts every year. Or maybe I no longer have doubts, but I do know that swimming against the cultural tide requires a little encouragement.

8. That Maya Angelou’s words about teaching children solitude garnered a lot of attention doesn’t surprise me at all.

7. The homeschool project season is that bridge season after we’re bored out of our tree doing traditional studies and that season where we decide to entirely unschool.

6. Entering homeschool high school has been a big shift for us, and often is a reupping moment for homeschool families, so it makes sense e this post gets a lot of attention.

5. Why I Homeschool: this is my favourite post, because it’s the reason I ventured into this lifestyle, and why I love homeschooling still!

4. I shared a homeschool mama interview series and this gal, Rowan Atkinson, an established high school history curriculum provider, writer of Homeschool Burnout, Canada-A publisher and friend-from-afar, was read by many! Find out why we all love her.

3. Homeschool Hygge–synonyms? They sure can be synonymous if we’re practicing the free checklist at the bottom of the page.

2. Homeschooling in British Columbia, because that is where I live. What freedoms we have when we live in this beautiful province.

1. Because it’s always a hot topic when discussing homeschool: the ‘s’ word, homeschool socialization. Need I say more?

I’m so looking forward to getting to know my community, the Charmed Community, in 2020. Please tell me what you’re most interested in hearing from me this year. And if you’d like to share your thoughts on homeschool mom self-care, as the book IS coming out soon, I’m eager to hear your thoughts.

Let’s turn our challenges into charms together this year!

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