A Homeschool Mom’s Confession on the Disadvantages to Homeschooling

When meeting a new acquaintance, people often ask what I do?

When I answer, I homeschool my kids, we are often met with curious looks. Instinctively, we defend.

There’s a downside to homeschooling. There are disadvantages.

Non-homeschool parents know it intuitively, as their jaws drop to discover I homeschool.

And I’m sure there are those other non-homeschooling moms that think, she is NUTS.

They might think I’m nuts because….

  1. The kitchen floor never stays clean,
  2. I get to see a lot more kid arguing and complaining,
  3. I get to see my ugly side more often,
  4. I don’t get to be in my home alone, let alone the bathroom…
  5. The bathroom always looks like a college dorm bathroom, yuck!
  6. I own too many books and they are everywhere, and
  7. I spend my waking hours relearning math concepts, fun.
  8. There’s always a homeschool experiment on the kitchen table.
  9. There are a million erasers tucked in the sofa and hither and yon.
  10. No one ever knows where the scissors are.
  11. Computer toner is always on the “to purchase” list.
  12. I have to learn to multitask my thoughts, because I’m usually thinking my thoughts and listening to someone else’s.

Would the non-homeschooling mom be right? Yup, sometimes.

There are definitely THOSE days that make homeschooling seem like a less-than-happy making life choice.

But we also know that we get to enjoy all the freedoms, the upside of homeschooling.

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So let’s get practical:

  • Who were you before you homeschooled, or even before you were a mom?
  • Are you clear on why you do what you do and how people perceive you?
  • How do you hold yourself, being authentic and congruent, but also holding others too?
  • How do you take care of you when other’s aren’t?
  • Do you have a clear purpose in why you’re choosing to be a homeschool mom?
  • What is your next step beyond homeschooling? And can you incorporate some of that now?

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