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Homeschool Mama Self-Care Podcast: Episode #3

One thing about being a homeschooler (after having been homeschooled) that surprised me was how my own issues and weaknesses would be revealed. It wasn’t actually the teaching or organizing curriculum that was a challenge. It was how much my shortcomings were revealed.

Rowan Atkinson

In this episode, I’ll introduce you to Rowan Atkinson who is a second-generation homeschooler recently graduated from two decades of home educating her four children. She is a historical fiction reader, British period drama watcher, soccer player, Sunday school teacher, author and business woman.   

Rowan is the author of Enough Already: Real Help for Homeschool Freakout Burnout and Zone Out and the host of the CanadaHomeschools podcast. She is madly working on the second book of Headphone History (you can hear a snippet on her podcast).

Simple Self-Care Strategy

If you’re with your children all day, you have permission to go out in the evening and not feel guilt.


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