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homeschool mama self-care podcast: episode #5

“Stop being responsible for your kids’ happiness. But don’t make them miserable either.

Change your mindset from your kids are driving you crazy, to your kids are struggling.”

Sarah Scott


In this episode, I’ll introduce you to Sarah Scott. Sarah is a certified Positive Discipline parent educator. That means she works with struggling parents of 3-12 year old kiddos to help them stop losing it on their kids and create a strong connection to win cooperation.

Sarah lives in beautiful British Columbia Canada with her 4 homeschooled children and her stud muffin husband Craig.

She has a strong affection for mashed potatoes and adores a good latte.
You can find her all over the internet as Parenting Solution Finders.


Simple Self-Care Strategy

Start Small.

Start with reading aloud together every morning. There’s so much that your kids are going to learn by just being home and even being bored.

Sarah Scott

Are you an Unexpected Home Learner looking for a little encouragement or a little guidance? I’m here for you!

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