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homeschool mama self-care: encouragement

What fuels us homeschool mamas? One word: encouragement.

Nothing like a homeschool conference with seasoned homeschool mamas infusing us with encouraging thoughts.

I attended a real-time conference years ago. It was a fourteen hour energy drink to reawaken my system. Two days of conference speakers engaging new ideas for studies and helping me discover more effective ways to approach my children and my homeschool lifestyle.

Homeschool conferences: energizing, clarifying, streamlining, simplifying my homeschool intentions.


I was reminded that homeschooling can be a thankless, tiring, exhausting, demanding job. Yet without gratitude, the show still goes on.

Homeschooling is also a deeply satisfying, gratifying, meaningful lifestyle that can help us develop our mama selves, our interpersonal world and our personal development.

I was reminded that our homeschooling vision begins with knowing who we are and where our family is focussed. The subsequent goals for our children’s education materialize based on that vision.

Are we a musical family? Are we an academic family? Are we an encouraging family? Are we a service family?

I can encourage my children in their interests, in discovering their curiosities, in being kind, and encouraging my children to become the people they were born into the world to become. And I can develop mine.

I also know homeschool mamas need a little encouragement, so I endeavour to do that with my Homeschool Mama Self-Care book, through my weekly InstaVideos, and with oodles of resources (including my new podcast) & discussion on my Facebook page.

And you’ll even find me in another live conference NEXT Saturday discussing Tips for Homeschooling through a Pandemic — because you know I have so much experience, ha. You know I haven’t done this before, but our family did travel to West Africa in the Ebola crisis, so we have tips that apply, and I’ll share what I wish I knew when I transitioned into the homeschool lifestyle with practical tips. There’s a live discussion afterward. So exciting to actually chat with you! (Get your 19 Tips below and I’ll make sure you know where to go for this seminar when I get those details).

I’ve created a four week online coaching program for Unexpected Home Learners, so ask me about that too!

Much love to you and your family! You can do this!

“Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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