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There is no magic sauce to parenting.

Mostly, parenting is learning about oneself through the eyes of our children and adjusting, and readjusting, then self-regulating.

Parenting is considering the real child in front of your real eyes and acknowledging them as a real human with real needs.

Why is my focus in my world or my relationships where it is? What are my triggers? What motivates me? What is the source of struggle that paralyzes me?

Parenting is a quest for self-awareness.

There’s no “get it right” in parenting. (Well, there was, but that was before the children were placed in our arms.) What “get it right” parenting is: a learning about oneself, a relearning, a retraining, and a refashioning of oneself to become more authentic, more genuinely loving, more responsive to real people in front of our real eyes.

These homeschool mama daily affirmations are for retraining our brains so we can think on ourselves and our children the way we most desire to be with them.

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  1. I love these affirmations; thanks for sharing. It is definitely not the easy route and you’re right, we need go forgive ourselves and be kind to ourselves during the process.

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