Supporting New Homeschooling Families with Teenagers

Assume that your teens’ aptitudes and curiosities have purpose and long-term value.

Teresa Wiedrick

We haven’t done what everyone else has done so far, so we’re not going to start now.

(Stuff parents of teenagers say…)

Here’s what I’ve learned about helping homeschool teenagers:

Be super flexible.

Teenagers want to be separate from you, so find a way to give them as much separateness as you can.

Listen to where your kids are really at. Ask and get curious.

Be available at the end of night teen chat.

Don’t fear your teenager’s time for solitude.

Encourage them in exploring their curiosities.

Share your professional skills with your teens.

Encourage their self-exploration.

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To get you started, here are 19 Tips for new home learning families.

Teresa Wiedrick
Teresa Wiedrick

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