Homeschooling Teenagers

Devise a plan for engaging emotional challenges with your teens. 

Teresa Wiedrick

You know why? So you’re not just reacting. Not that I would know what I’m talking about…

(PS I’m in the thick of this myself, so I may or may not be researching, devising, experimenting, and experimenting again, with these strategies.)

These thoughts can help you create an action plan: 

1. Observe, don’t absorb. Practice observing your child’s responses. But just because they act/speak/react a certain way doesn’t mean you have to act/speak/react in kind.

2. Recognize that our triggers signify something WE need to work on in OURSELVES. Because though we may have grown up, not all of us has grown up, yet (PS This is an opportunity to grow up a little more.)

3. Insist on personal boundaries. “No, you may not speak like that to me.”

4. Maintain perspective. Look at the long haul. Look at your child with long-term vision, not with magnifying glasses to dissect the present challenges. (But girlfriend, I’m with you, this can be very challenging in the moment.)

5. Review your Homeschool Mama Daily Affirmations. There is no magic sauce in reading mama affirmations, but we are reminded again and again what our goals as homeschool mamas are. Download this PDF that I review with serious regularity, and change them into your own words (that reflect your distinct values).

There’s a lot of homeschool mama mental freedom when we acknowledge that our thoughts affect our approach to our kids, our relationships and our daily activities and we preplan our intentions.

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Teresa Wiedrick
Teresa Wiedrick

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