fresh from the homestead: keeping Chickens

I spent ten years reading, researching, and anticipating chicken keeping.

I might have been as excited to meet my chick babies as I was my human babies.

Turns out, they have been very easy to care for and I didn’t need to spend ten years researching.

I’ve raised three batches of laying hens, enjoyed learning about all sorts of breeds and watching their characteristic personalities play out in my backyard (and front yard and verandah and a couple times in the dining room right off the patio).

I’ve learned that they love love love to forage and wander. (They eat a whole lot less feed that way too.) Free range? What does free range really mean?

What value does free ranging have on the eggs anyway? Community chickens (a regular resource in my email inbox) tells me.

Do you have to buy chicken feed? Likely, yes. But here are nine ways to get free chicken feed.

You know all those cute pics of chickens running through the strawberry patch? If I didn’t make sure to get them OUT of there, they’d tear up that patch (and my entire vegetable garden) and till it faster than a John Deer tractor.

Is it less expensive to raise chickens than buy eggs yourself?

These guys will tell you the hard, honest truth.

So is there any value to a chicken with a garden? Oh yeah! Turning water into wine value. (Or, chicken manure into yummy fertilizer).

Community chickens offers so many reasons that permaculture benefits the garden and the entire homestead, even the kids’ health.

The book that has taught me everything I know: Homemade Living: Keeping Chickens with Ashley English: All You Need to Know to Care for a Happy, Healthy Flock

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