For the New Homeschoolers

Bringing your kiddo home this fall?

Here are four things you need to consider when beginning homeschooling:

Your goal is to consider what an education is anyway and read about unschoolingdeschooling, and learning

I compiled a Homeschool Mama Reading List just for you! These books are ones that have taught me everything that has helped me structure my homeschool.

I see your confusion, I see your anticipation, I see your frustration, and I see your overwhelm as you bring your kids home.

Teresa Wiedrick

I feel for the new homeschool families that have joined the home learning experience.

You didn’t get two years to plan like I did. You didn’t get to choose to bring your kids home. You might be bringing your work home with the kids. You might have lost a job and still have to occupy the kids. You might not have a decent income and not sure how to feed the kids or pay your rent. You might have sick family members in the same home.

This wasn’t your choice, but here you are.

I have been homeschooling for twelve years and I share my ten lessons in ten years here.

The art and science of an education.

There’s an art and science in medicine, I’ve been told. If one could type symptoms into the Google bar and spit out a diagnosis, would medical doctors be required? There’s a certain experience and constant exposure that surrounds the assessment and diagnoses in medicine that can’t be captured in the Google bar.

The same is true for the idea of an education: there’s an art and science to an education too. We could try to jam a bunch of facts into the minds of our children and hope they spit out the requested knowledge later. But I believe that education would merely be judged inadequate, adequate, above average, or excellent. What value is that?

Isn’t an education more than just cramming knowledge bits into our brains?

What is an education anyways?

There are no academic emergencies. Not a one.

Teresa Wiedrick

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Teresa Wiedrick
Teresa Wiedrick

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