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How to Handle Homeschool Overwhelm: 19 Tips

Bringing your kiddo home this fall?

Here are four things you need to consider when beginning homeschooling:

Your goal is to consider what an education is anyway and read about unschoolingdeschooling, and learning

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How to Handle Homeschool Overwhelm

  • Require boundaries: we need separateness.
  • We need to take activities off the list.
  • We have to learn how to exist together.
  • We need time alone.
  • You need your own thing: an ‘all about you’ thing.
  • You need to value quiet: afternoon quiet time.
  • Focus on family harmony & happiness.
  • Practice daily separateness. 
  • Maintain a morning routine.
  • Recognize overwhelm.
  • Sit with your feelings regularly.
  • Accept your feelings despite their uncomfortableness.
  • Recognize the underlying needs of those feelings.
  • Recognize that our children’s struggles are not our struggles, it’s their struggle.
  • Practice mindfulness.
  • Create a routine, not a schedule.
  • Alter your expectations.
  • Alter your perspective: your home is not a school.
  • Enact self-care strategies regularly.

Sometimes the homeschool mom life can breed codependence & enmeshment: their struggles are always their struggles, not ultimately your struggles.

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Teresa Wiedrick

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