not all homeschool mamas drink wine, or do they?

Not that I want to perpetuate a myth (or a bad habit) that homeschool mamas need to drink wine to homeschool, but some homeschool mamas are drinking wine…

And I am one of them.

When my book, Homeschool Mama Self-Care: Thrive, Not Just Survive, was had it’s first official editor’s eyes working through it, the editor mentioned that not all homeschool mamas drink wine or coffee.

Say whaaa?

Who knew!?

No, actually I knew. (I was one of them for a long while into homeschooling.)

Homeschooling didn’t drive me to drinking.

And I’m not using it as a coping mechanism. But I do enjoy a glass of Malbec with a book after dinner under my cozy light in the corner of the Great Room. Or a glass of rose with the Bachelor (oops, did I officially confess that?) Or a glass of Sauvignon Blanc with a halibut dinner. Or a glass of Cab SauvĂ© with a beef roast. Or a gin & tonic in front of the fireplace after cross country skiing. Or a margarita on the river floating with a book…

So yeah, I like to drink wine. (And tequila and gin, but that’s another post.)

Once upon a time, I grew up in a home that valued baby duck and boxes of the cheap stuff. It was my husband that introduced me to drinking. (Haha, great sentence.)

My husband and I had a few experiences that expanded our repertoire. Like flights of wine at very fancy restaurants. Like evening wine analyses at local fine dining restaurants. Like subscriptions to wine programs and wine magazines, like Opimian.

And though neither of us comes close to sommelier status, we both know what we like.

I live in a Canadian province, British Columbia, that is known for its excellent wines. We take trips to the Oliver/Osoyoos area at least twice a year.

But just around the corner, only an hour away, is a local winery, Skimmerhorn. (When a region has as much fruit production as this area does, we have to do something with it).

I have had a natural bias against local wines, because, you know, there are places like the Beaujolais region of France, or the Chianti region of Italy, or Malbecs from Chile, Rieslings from Germany, and Shiraz from Australia.

But girl, this wine does wine justice.

This particular Skimmerhorn, a Marechal Foc 2013, is sweeter than my ideal wine, but this is a very drinkable wine. My nose is deep in its bouquet. The bottle doesn’t spell out what I’m smelling, but my guess? Cherries. Blackberries? Maybe leather? (Who has drunk leather, what is that tasting note about anyway?)

Drink this bottle with, well, anything. Might I suggest buns and butter, with a drizzle of strawberry preserves? The kids stared at the table as I take my first bite, then my first swig…”mmmm, yum”.

Time for readaloud!

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