Halloween Studies

Halloween is a day devoted to candy and costumes in our home.

The kids think it’s grand fun when we get to spend the day playing games, dressing up, and walking door-to-door in our friendly neighbourhood visiting friends, asking for candy, experiencing a neighbour’s magic trick, and entranced by clever costumes.

This year we won’t be trick or treating. No surprise there. (I’ll especially miss the community spirit.)

So what to do to make this year fun?

Here’s some games we incorporate in our fun day:

  • We will make pretzel and cheese witches brooms, hot dog mummies or spiders, and orange pumpkins.
  • We will enjoy everything orange, cheezies, cheddar, and orange crush with our quiet reading time.
  • We’ll make caramel apples (my son has been learning to make candy this year.)
  • We’ll play target practice with slimy, googly eyes.
  • We’ll create a pumpkin watercolour.
  • We will do a candy treasure hunt.
  • We will use Halloween writing prompts to create silly stories.
  • We will watch the life cycle of a pumpkin.
  • We will learn the origins of Halloween and why some people don’t prefer this day.
  • We can make Pumpkin play-do.
  • We can use Pumpkin times tables printables.
  • Naturally, we will carve a Pumpkin.
  • We can watch Goosebumps & Charlie Brown.
  • We can attend online spooky science experiments.

If this year has taught us anything, it is flexibility & pivot. We can teach our kids to have fun in new ways.

(Oh, and I bought a whole bunch of candy!)

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.ā€ 
ā€• Albert Einstein