Build on the Charms of your 2021 Homeschool

Build on the Charms of your 2021 Homeschool

The homeschool lifestyle affords so many freedoms.

Enjoy every freedom! BUT ARE YOU?

My favourite freedom: freedom to learn with my kids.

I have my PhD research paper thesis topic in mind: “Senility in aging homeschooling parents: Is the incidence lower with increased homeschooling years?” My hypothesis: the more years we homeschool, the more likely we develop neural networks in our adult brains; therefore, lower incidence of senility. Ok, so it’s just a hypothesis.

Mama has freedom to learn and learn and learn alongside her children.

Math wasn’t intuitive, and school didn’t help clarify enough of it for me. I may have been the meme originator of “Math, solve your own problems”. I have a higher tolerance for math problems these days. My brain is more math-plastic.

As many subjects as my children have been exposed to, I have been as well. Plate tectonics, ancient history, periodic table of elements, geology, forensic science, physics, Canadian history. This paragraph could be endless.

Obviously I didn’t begin homeschooling to increase my IQ or prevent dementia. One of the anticipated goals of homeschooling is that our kids would reap the benefit of a rounded, individualized, brain expanding education. 

Turns out, I get that too.

Homeschool is another word for freedom.

  • Freedom to choose our schedule.
  • Freedom to tailor an individualized education.
  • Freedom to spend time with my kids any time of the day.
  • Freedom to create the community we want.
  • Freedom to travel at atypical times of the year.
  • Freedom to teach our kids our values.

And girlfriend, homeschooling has afforded us these freedoms in spades.

  • Recognize your freedoms.
  • What can you contribute to the charms?
  • Observe how your children. contribute to the charms!
  • Build in Gratitude, make portfolios, Instagram accounts.

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