How to Be a Stay-At-Home Mom, Stay Inspired, Develop You & Hang with the Kids Every Day

Women have been sold the lie that if you take a bubble bath and get a manicure, you are providing for your needs and you’ll feel so rejuvenated and stress-free, but if you have two kids banging at the bathroom, it’s not going to be what you need.

Jen Babakhan, author of Detoured

Jen Babakhan is an author and freelance writer living in California with her husband and two young sons.

She is the author of Detoured: The Messy, Grace-Filled Journey From Working Professional to Stay-at-Home Mom and her freelance work has been featured in various national news outlets.

Advice for the Homeschool Mama:

  • You can determine how you’re spending your time with your parenting years.
  • Have a friend that sees things from outside your family.
  • You encourage your kids to do their thing when you’re doing your own thing.
  • It’s okay to say no sometimes. It’s okay to let them be bored.
  • Your kids need to know that they’re not the center of attention and you have interests outside your homeschool mom world.
  • When your kids are with you at home, they don’t recognize you’re not always available.
  • Take one tiny step towards you during your homeschool story.

You aren’t alone, mama. If someone is looking out their window in the night, know that there are other lights on in the street. We’re all in this together.

Jen Babakhan

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Homeschool Mama Self-Care: nurturing the nurturer

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