How to Take Care of the Homeschool Mama’s (& the Homeschool Kids’) Six Selves

Recognize the six selves (in you and your homeschool kids): the cognitive self, the social self, the physical self, the emotional self, the spiritual self, and the creative self.

Nike Anderson, Creator of the Homeschool Genius

Nike Anderson is a mommy blogger at The Homeschool Genius where she shares her passion for all things homeschool. She is the owner of Nike Anderson’s Classroom, a virtual shop for educational resources, and has been featured in local news outlets advocating homeschool.

Nike has a Masters in Educational Leadership and resides in Middle Georgia with her husband and two young sons.

I learned that this homeschool journey was learning a lot about me as much as it was about my children. I learned about what I needed to grow and develop in, the virtues I’m aspiring to.

Nike Anderson

Advice for Homeschool Mamas:

  • Recognize that homeschooling is a privilege.
  • Expect your kids to do things that your kids can do themselves.
  • Incorporate self-care concepts into your homeschool curriculum.
  • Carve out time, even just for five minutes, to refresh and renew.
  • Create a conscious effort to showing up for every day.

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Homeschool Mama Self-Care: nurturing the nurturer

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