How to Enable a Homeschool Gratitude Practice

Benefits of gratitude

Create a Gratitude Practice


  • Gratitude connects us more closely to the people we love. Those we love also sense we’re thankful for them.
  • Gratitude makes us realize what we have.
  • Gratitude enables us to be more content with the belongings we already have, thereby spending less on unnecessary things.
  • Gratitude helps us compare less because we are just so thankful for our life.
  • Gratitude reminds us of the happy memories we have and what a charmed homeschool life we have.

Practical tips to practice gratitude…

  • in your journal every morning
  • at the dinner table with the kids
  • before bed as you tuck in your kids or say g’night to your partner
  • create photo scrapbooks and remember why you have an amazing life
  • create photo books to remember the amazing memories
  • create homeschool portfolios at the end of year to remember all the cool stuff you did
  • create an Instagram account to showcase the beauty of the life you have

Here’s how to do it…

Just write.

Three things.

That you’re grateful for.

It’s just that simple.

What could you be grateful for? I share twenty things that I’m grateful for here.

I’m planning this year to set my mind on thinking Grateful Thoughts and reminding myself what is true. Watch your Thoughts so you maintain gratefulness in your homeschool.

Get the Watch Your Thoughts reminder.

Get more encouragement in the book: Homeschool Mama Self-Care: Nurturing the Nurturer

Homeschool Mama Self-Care: Nurturing the Nurturer book