Grow your Confidence, Banish Burnout, and Love your Homeschool Life

This homeschool thing is a marathon, not a sprint. So run it like you’d run a marathon. You have to stop and take breaks and refuel and sometimes just stop for a minute and take a deep breath.

Kara S. Anderson

kara s anderson

Kara S. Anderson is a writer, podcaster and speaker who loves to encourage parents in connection, not perfection.

In 2013, she began blogging at what is now There she shares real-life encouragement from the trenches.

Along with Cait Curley, Kara started The Homeschool Sisters Podcast in 2017, and since that time, the show has reached more than 1.3 million downloads around the world. 

Kara’s book More Than Enough: Grow Your Confidence, Banish Burnout and Love Your Homeschool Life, will be available in paperback in spring 2021.

Kara lives in Illinois with her husband and two awesome homeschooled children. She enjoys yoga, tea, chocolate, cats and books.

At least homeschooling gives us some extra time. If you screw it up in the morning, you go in your room, you have some chocolate, you breathe, you come back out and you say I’m sorry and you begin again. And you do that until they’re ready for college.

Kara S. Anderson, podcaster at the Homeschool Sisters

Start slow and gently. Layer more in as you build confidence and your kids get used to the routine of homeschooling. It’s important not to get caught up in the methodology or style of homeschooling. It’s great to research. Pick things that work for your family and build your own style based on experience and trial and error. We all go through lots of trial and error. Don’t worry, it’s normal as you find your way.

Kara S. Anderson

Kara’s Advice for Homeschool Parents:

  • On the hard days, don’t doubt yourself or your kids.
  • Know that combining school and home has its challenges.
  • Some days are bumpy.
  • On those days, curl up with snacks and good books.
  • Or hop in the car and listen to audio books while you go get ice cream.

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