How to Do Fine Arts in your Homeschool

How do you incorporate fine arts into your homeschool?

Loosely. With intention to playing. Fun is the operative. No serious allowed.

Also, fill a basket of things you and your kiddos like to do and pull them out when you’re doing a readaloud. (And take turns reading, so you can play in your artistic endeavours too!)

But do these four things with your homeschool fine art:

  1. Don’t take it seriously. Your goal: fun!
  2. Any medium will do. Do the one you’re curious about.
  3. Let the kids play, not expect to do make contributions to an art gallery.
  4. Find resources at libraries, garage sales, and in your homeschool friends’ libraries.

Get out your homeschool inspiration book and jot down any resources or ideas that you might like to use in the upcoming homeschool year.

Check out these other fine arts ideas:

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