How to Capture your Charmed Homeschool

I talk all the time about turning our homeschool challenges into our homeschool charms, but what are the elements required to create a charmed homeschool?

Teresa Wiedrick

How do I capture my charmed homeschool if I don’t know how to engage these things…

  • What does it mean to be a teacher and a mom?
  • Do I have to teach?
  • Why can’t I get my kids to sit still while we do lessons?
  • How much is enough?
  • Do I have to do all the subjects all the time?
  • Could I just unschool instead?
  • What are all these homeschool philosophies?
  • And do I have to stick with one?
  • How do you manage more than one grade and more than one child?
  • What if you don’t know how to teach math because you don’t even know all the math?
  • What if I don’t even like science?
  • Will my eight year old get into college one day?
  • What is this deschooling thing? And how do I DO it?
  • How should my day look?
  • I’m exhausted and I’ve barely begun. How am I going to do this over the long-term?
  • Do I need a homeschool room?
  • How do I organize all the things we’re doing?
  • How do I deal with kid conflict?
  • And complaining?
  • And boredom?
  • How do I motivate my kiddo?
  • Where do I buy curriculum?
  • And what kind should I buy?
  • I don’t have a lot of money. How do I find curriculum?
  • How do I make sure they get all the stuff they need for an education?
  • Some days I don’t like my kids, help!
  • Some days, I wonder why I chose this!
  • Some days just plain suck: is this normal?
  • How do I capture the joys and freedoms of this homeschool lifestyle?

What will we discuss in the upcoming Mentoring Group?

  • Knowing your WHY behind your choice to homeschool.
  • Craft your homeschool vision.
  • Understand your personal vision & how your personal vision affects your homeschool vision.
  • Clarify your belief on what an education is anyway for your children.
  • Recognize the differences between a home education and a conventionally schooled education.
  • Understand deschooling & how to actually do it.
  • Learn how to homeschool without becoming a certifired teacher.
  • Learn how to become a learning consultant or educational facilitator.
  • Understand homeschool philosophies & learn why you don’t need to ascribe to one.
  • Enact a homeschool mama reading habit for your own learning and growth.
  • Know how you want to show up in your homeschool
  • Understand who you are and how you relate to your family members.
  • Become more you as you also affirm others be more them too.
  • Determine how you want to show up in your homeschool.
  • Learn more about your homeschool kids.
  • Understand learning opportunities.
  • Learn how to create learning opportunities.
  • Know how to engage the 3 r’s. And all the other school subjects.
  • Learn to observe how they learn.
  • Learn how child developmental stages & learning challenges affects your homeschool.
  • Consider what you even want your child to learn.
  • Learn what your child wants to learn.
  • Learn how to incorporate play into your homeschool day.
  • Understand the ins & outs of child-led learning.
  • Address the homeschool planning practicalities.
  • Create a morning routine.
  • Create a useful homeschool routine.
  • Learn whether you need to create a homeschool room or storage room.
  • Learn whether you should use a homeschool planner or record book and how you can use them.
  • Understand the 3 guidelines for choosing homeschool curriculum &/or resources.
  • Gain five suggestions to buying that curriculum too.
  • Understand how to engage toddlers to teens.
  • Know how to engage more than one child in your homeschool.
  • Know how to engage motivation & boredom.
  • Know how to address the S question.
  • Know how to deal with pressure cooker days.
  • Gain an approach to engage sibling conflict.
  • Grapple with doubt & overwhelm (and learn tactics to address them).
  • Learn how to use the strategy that will help all our internal challenges.
  • Be infused with reminders of your homeschool freedoms, comforts, and joys in the ordinary miracle of your homeschool life.

Can you & I create perfection in our homeschool?


But we can capture all the charms and freedoms of this homeschool lifestyle & commitment by instilling these elements that can release us from fear, doubt, overwhelm, and dissatisfacion so we can enjoy our charmed homeschool lives.

Teresa Wiedrick, your Homeschool mentor

You can get clarity, confidence & vision in your homeschool through the Capturing the Charmed Homeschool.

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