what are my top 5 summer faves

Moving to a new neighbourhood in the last month makes it difficult to limit my top summer faves to just five things.

I might tell you it was my bathtub…

Cause really, how could this not be one of my top favourites?

Or it could be my new backyard, all four acrews of it…

This is all accompanied with much outdoor work, of course. My oldest kiddo suggests we get a landscaper. Been there, done that before. That’s no fun! I promise it will all get done before her youngest sibling leaves for home, in eleven years…hopefully.

Can I put tequila on the list of summer faves? 

Change up our nod to the Queen, from winter’s gin and tonic, to transforming mangos into mango margaritas.

My hometown, Nelson, is definitely a summer fave. 

Everyone should check out this town. The big orange bridge leads you into a colourful town. Victorian architecture mixed with people dressed in colourful organic cotton and dreadlocks. It’s a mini San Fran with excellent coffee and fine dining restaurants nestled into a mountain wonderland with beaches and lakes, kayaks and hiking.

People so friendly, you’ll consider moving here. And many people do.

A new development for our summer might be a bittersweet summer fave, this…

Bitter because my daughter is seriously limited in her activities after an afternoon on the soccer field, she came home with a cast and crutches. And obviously a lot of discomfort (but nice attempt at a field goal!) I feel bad for her disappointment and moments where she’ll have to watch dance, watch soccer, watch theatre, and know she could have been part of that.

How it’s sweet? This usually overly helpful girl has to take a seat while her siblings help her too. Valuable learning in our family this summer. Also, she has more time to bake, so the bread comes out of the oven with bakery regularity. Go Madelyn!

Life is filled with challenges, big ones and little ones, so carpe diem, and let’s enjoy our summer days.

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