steps to dealing with boundaries in your homeschool

What are your boundary challenges in your homeschool?

You can’t give everything when you don’t have your own needs met too. You are responsible to take care of your own needs first.

Though you are a mother, you are not a god. You’re not equipped to be everything to everyone. Yes, the culture does have tall expectations for us and we have even taller expectations of ourselves.

But it’s just not real. We can’t be everything to everyone. Not even just to our homeschooled kids.

Building boundaries will help you maintain…

  • Your needs.
  • Your goals.
  • Your energy.
  • Your peace.
  • Your quiet.
  • Your cleanliness.
  • Your organization.

Here’s more on why you require them.

When our goals and needs are met, we have energy and mental space to extend nurture to those around us too.

So what are your boundary challenges?

When our needs are met, we more easily share and address other people’s needs.

“The most boundaried persons are the most compassionate persons.”

Brene Brown

How we can build boundaries into our homeschools.

Get out your journal and answer the following questions:

  1. Do a boundary assessment: where do you think you need to establish boundaries?
  2. Who do you have a boundary challenge with?
  3. Do you have time for yourself during the week?
  4. Do you build time during your day for quiet and separate time?
  5. Do you have a plan for responding to random strangers’ questions about homeschooling?
  6. Do you have a plan for how to address homeschool questions from family or friends?
  7. Do you unplug your landline during the day? Or do you turn off notifications on your devices?
  8. Write how you want to be spoken to and in what tone?
  9. And when you have conflict, how do you want to be spoken to during conflict?
  10. And do you speak to others in that way too?
  11. How do you unkindly speak to yourself? (In the confines of your own mind.)
  12. Are there mistruths you repeatedly tell yourself?
  13. Do you address your needs?

If you’d like to join a Homeschool Mama Intensive on Boundaries or discuss any of these challenges with me, you can contact me here.