the nurturing homeschool mama retreat to bring vision, clarity & confidence

Do you need a homeschool mama retreat? A retreat for your weary soul?

Together we’ll dig deep to determine what you need and uncover practical actionable tools to take care of you.

So you can nurture yourself while you nurture your homeschooled kids too.

Somewhere in my third year homeschooling, I was done.

In my heart, I was mouthing the words “help me” as the school bus drove by.

I found myself reacting to kids’ squabbles or perpetually irritated that a child wouldn’t show interest in her studies, by saying, “If you don’t…then you’re getting on that bus Monday morning.”

I knew I didn’t actually want to research the local school’s telephone number, but I definitely didn’t know what else to do.

I was done.

  • I didn’t have time for me.
  • I didn’t feel good in my body.
  • I felt overwhelmed.
  • I was bored by yet another repeat of the same curriculum.
  • I did everything as perfectly as I could, but had this feeling it wasn’t good enough.
  • I wondered if I was doing right by my kids’ education.

Until I watched a Brene Brown TedX Talk: I realized I didn’t even factor ME into my life. What did I need?

I learned I had to take care of ME to take care of my kids.

Alongside planning for your homeschool, you need to plan for YOU too.

Whether you’ve been homeschooling for one month or twenty-five years, you need to routinely address how you’re taking care of you, address your big emotions, like doubt, overwhelm, not-good-enough, or frustration.

You’re not going to show up perfectly, authentically, ideally, exactly as you want to all the days of your life.

That’s not a thing.

You’re a human being with human needs, with human feelings, and with human challenges.

At the same time, you are growing and you want to do right by your homeschooled kids and you want to show up with them in a way that really will benefit them.

That’s likely part of the reason you began homeschooling.

In this homeschool mama retreat, we’ll create an action plan for you to take care of you.

We’ve been taking care of our kids’ educations, their interests, their extracurriculars, their social life, their homes, their everything, and now it’s time to learn to take care of you too.

In this retreat, you will be supported, encouraged, and challenged to advocate for you!