about TwainAusten

She sips non-fat cappuccinos in cafes in her Kootenay Mountain hometown, waiting for her four children to finish their dance, choir, soccer, swim or music lessons. Oh, and she writes.

She blogs on their homeschooling, homesteading lives. She presently homeschools three of her four children, spending much of her days doing grammar lessons, practicing French sentences, reading on plate tectonics or ancient civilizations from mid-September to late April. By February, she wants to fly to a tropical location. And by April’s end, she has decided to unschool, again.

She bakes bread, ferments sauerkraut, keeps a ready supply of plum jam and hot meals. Oh and yes, in her creative time, she blogs, writes magazine articles, dabbles in fiction writing, stares at impressionist art books, listens to classical and jazz, reads Virginia Wolf, reads books on novel plot and structure…and she writes.