introducing our family

We have lived more adventures than the years we’ve lived in one place.

We are an Alberta-born family transplanted into beautiful British Columbia. In the last years, we’ve settled into small town life in the Kootenays.

We began home educating our four children, Hannah, Madelyn, Rachel and Zachary nearly ten years ago — which has provided us plenty of time for building stories, building family and living day-to-day memories with our favourite four.

June 2013 103

And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that counts.
It’s the life in your years.”

Abraham Lincoln

14 thoughts on “introducing our family

  1. Hello, we are seeking authors for chapters in a book on homeschooling in Canada. Please email me if you are interested in discussing this further.

  2. Enjoyed a little view into your day. Always enjoy meeting another 40-something writer and homeschool mom. We too have chosen the simple life this year for our family, moving to a not-only SMALL house, but also OLD house in New England. Stumbled across your blog when my daughter left HER wordpress site open, where you had commented on her 20 reasons she loves homeschooling.

  3. I so relate to the two contrasting photos. Every time I get all dressed up, I feel like I’m preparing for a dramatic performance…or stepping back in time. I don’t know whether my standards have slipped or my values have changed. I’m not sure my 25 year old self would appreciate how I’ve let myself go but at the same time, I’ve found a sense of peace even in the chaos that I didn’t have then xx Rowena

  4. Found your blog through a comment you left on mine, thank you so much for doing that. Because I am thrilled to explore your “online world”! 🙂 Btw I think you are very brave posting those two photos, as I hate to be photographed, I am in awe. Unfortunately because I enter the work force numerous times through out the week, I wear my “adult look” those days, and the “mommy no makeup” on the off days. 🙂 Love ponytails!

    • Ha, thank you. Perhaps brave. But really, just trying to be authentic. This part of the world prizes unrealistic perfection, placing a lot of pressure on us for reasons that I can only understand relate to trying to prove our worth. Our worth is not based on bank accounts, model perfection or letters after our names. We were created for a reason, and I believe, specially created with a unique stamp of purpose. So I say, be yourself. (Having said that, I prefer the made up picture, ha! And I almost never look like that at home.)

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