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don’t miss the gift in your child

It’s not my title. It’s Carol’s. I haven’t personally met Carol. She was the keynote speaker at last weekend’s homeschool conference. Nothing like a homeschool conference to kickstart a renewed joy for your children. Besides inducing ab-strengthening belly laughs for an hour, she encouraged us to see the gift that we have living life right alongside us. … Continue reading

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where to do studies, or where to learn…

The study, of course. This would be the room with the shelves of Dear Canada novels and my collections of books for the prescribed reading lists, and math workbooks, and dictionaries, and you know, schoolish stuff. “Oh, this is your schoolroom!” I’ve heard this exclamation many times. It’s a lovely room: 1920s hardwood floors, floor-to-ceiling … Continue reading

home educating and daily life

you know you’re a homeschooler when…

1. Someone yells, “Dad, Zachary shooted a bullet at my back“!!! And dad responds: “You mean shot…” Half minute later, “Oh, that’s too bad“. 2. You’re sharing your sensory-enhanced sentences with one another in the bathroom while the ‘teacher’ is flat ironing her hair. 3. You purchase chemistry experiment ingredients–that you later eat for dinner … Continue reading