ten lessons from ten homeschool years
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ten lessons from ten homeschool years

I’ve been around long enough to hit the wall twice. Hit the wall, meaning, I was ready to put my kids into school. That says a lot for someone that is a home education advocate to the core. But I didn’t put them in school. Self-reflection revealed I wasn’t frustrated with homeschooling, I was frustrated … Continue reading

Thirteen Things We Know: from a mama and her almost thirteen year old
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Thirteen Things We Know: from a mama and her almost thirteen year old

Rachel and I just returned from a special trip in the big city of Vancouver. She’s turning thirteen! My husband and I chose thirteen as the year to celebrate our children’s entry into adulthood. We experienced fine dining, visited the spa, had makeovers, shopped and talked talked talked. One meal we sat in a cheap … Continue reading

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thrive, daily practicalities

Stuff I’m learning about thriving… 1. Go to bed earlier, get up earlier… I’m a midnight owl…because it’s quiet. I know that most of you know what I mean, because the digital world comes alive after the kids go to bed. But I love, love, love getting stuff done before nine, so early to bed tonight. … Continue reading

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what we really want our children to get from 2015

We all have blind spots– those aspects of our lives that might seem obvious to others but shockingly opaque to us. All of it, our children learn. The greatest things they learn from us are not taught by lecture, but the example of our lives. They are sent into the next generation, subconsciously mirroring our predisposition to their daily activities, … Continue reading

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am I living a life worth living?

“I would like to rise and go Where the golden apples grow”. Robert Louis Stevenson Live in the moment. Seize the day. Carpe diem. We’re reminded to live like this, because enough people have been jolted out of complacency when they hear of a friend’s kids killed in a car accident, when they see that … Continue reading

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those that go before us…

Our common heart cry–the pursuit of health and happiness. With different circumstances, different political or historical backgrounds, different characters, but throughout humanity, a similar plot. Characters in the backdrop of our lives shift and the plot of our lives don’t unfold like an organized story arc in a literary novel. Truth is stranger than fiction: our lives … Continue reading