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homeschool science

In this house, we love science. Discovering how things work, how they function, playing with ingredients, elements, physics boxes, and chemistry experiments, reading on plate tectonics or atomic theory, we’re all over science. (And it’s not because dad is a doc; he actually loves history). Chem C500. We’ve had three kids interested in chemistry. This … Continue reading

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summer break, or is it?

Why is it I’m in the thick of a sizzling summer, lakes surrounding our community, beaches minutes away, waterparks in abundance, that I still want to be doing this…. When we could spend our days leisurely pursuing this… Is it my deeply embedded desire to school year-round? Is it a deeply-seated anxiety that when the neighbours … Continue reading

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The School of Fish! by 12 year old Hannah

Today, we went to the “Clearwater Fish Hatchery”. I thought we were going to be inside, or else I would have dressed more warmly. Mom made us do studies on the hour drive to Clearwater and back. The first thing we saw was a big green tank filled with sardine-sized fish. In the hatchery, the employees … Continue reading