stats on the ‘s’ word: homeschool socialization quantified
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stats on the ‘s’ word: homeschool socialization quantified

People question whether home educating is at least a little inappropriate for the mere disadvantage of its socialization issues. How could a child not survive without a cloister of twenty five same-aged people surrounding them eight hours a day? I know I can’t survive without them…oh wait, I can totally survive, actually thrive, without that. I … Continue reading

If you’re considering homeschooling…
homeschooling / socialization

If you’re considering homeschooling…

Early on as homeschoolers, we most frequently heard the questions:  Are homeschool academics adequate? and Will the children be socialized? Years later, my top two questions are: 1. If I’m homeschooling, how do I ensure time for myself, because parenting every moment of the day expends a LOT of goodwill energy (it can be an honest-to-goodness Mother Teresa … Continue reading

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maya angelou on teaching our children solitude

Our North American culture teaches us to love public attention, and naturally, our ego enjoys it. It teaches us that extroversion is favourable, even necessary and healthy. It teaches us that constant activity equals importance, value and purpose. So we keep busy, and tell ourselves that what we do is extra-specially important. We search for … Continue reading

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Counselling 101: a Parent’s Most Important Skill

No, I’m not going to share my extended therapy sessions. Though that might make for gobsmackingly interesting, truth is stranger than fiction, remarkably-read articles. I’ll leave that for the novel. If there was any other skill we parents might learn before we begin this parenting trek, it would be this one…how to kindly, authentically, diplomatically … Continue reading

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what’s the secret? the truth behind homeschool socialization

“Power shapes what a person does, influence shapes who they become“. Erwin McManus Apparently we were being watched. We were in a new place and didn’t know many people, so we decided to wander around town. The fragrance from the street lured me into a trendy coffee shop. Stranger-watching amused us, but the fireplace kept … Continue reading

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thoughts for those new to homeschooling

Amy from Saskatchewan has asked, “I have all the fears I suspect most moms have but also a sense of peace has replaced my sense of dread…Any tips via your blog are appreciated!” She’s taking her son Nathan, grade 4, from the system, and wants to know if I have any tips. And though I’d … Continue reading