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I sip non-fat cappuccinos in cafes in my Kootenay Mountain hometown, while waiting for one of my four children to finish their dance, choir, soccer, curling or music lessons. Oh, and I write.

I write here about our homeschooling, homesteading life. I’ve recently been interviewed on local news. I am about to release my book Homeschool Mama Self-Care book, offer personal home learning coaching, host guests at my bed & breakfast, stare at impressionist art, listen to classical and jazz, and read like a hungry baby bird.

From mid-September to late April, I homeschool (self-directed homeschool) three of my four children, spend much of my days giving writing feedback, practice French sentences and Latin verbs, and read on plate tectonics to ancient civilizations. By February, I want to fly to a tropical location. And by April’s end, I have decided to unschool, again.

In that unschool season, we spend more time outside. I train and walk our Great Pyrenees puppy, Violet. I bake bread, grow a veggie, perennial and tea garden, fertilize the fruit orchard, and keep a ready supply of plum jam and homemade meals. I sell a few dozen eggs a week, thanks to the Cluckingham Palace ladies and happy Henry the 8th.

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Teresa Wiedrick
Teresa Wiedrick

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