homestead breakfast: kitchen abundance

With our Bed and Breakfast open for business, I am eager to hone my omelet making skills.

(My family thinks I’ve perfected my omelet making skills, unless I use the non-stick pan, then the omelet sticks every time!)

I’m trying my hand at foraged frittata (okay, the dandelion greens are foraged, everything else is from the fridge or the chicken coop), my daughter has perfected eggs benedict and a smoke salmon bagel, and we are practicing our Canadian fluffy pancakes (whipped egg whites and maple syrup are the key!)

Some people call it cooking. But when you aspire to homesteading, one wants to try making everything from scratch, or at least get decently good at everything, especially when one is serving others.

I would love a milk cow for cream and butter; however. I would not love bi-daily milking. I would love a Nubian goat pair; however, I haven’t got a fenced area, yet. I would love a wheat field, but I live in the mountains, where I blasted for a garden, so soil is hard to come by.

I will make everything from scratch that I can, instead.

This week, I made sourdough crackers and sourdough English muffins. The sourdough crackers were just like Wheat Thins. Only problem is that I don’t care for Wheat Things; I prefer pecan crackers, and I can’t grow a pecan tree here. English muffins were shockingly simple to prepare.

I also made citrus and tarragon salmon, French onion soup, more bread and granola and I tried that Eggs Benedict recipe again myself. (I think my daughter is simply better at the hard stuff, like tart pastry and everything else, because she’s more patient prepping for it: you want her, not me, to make the hollandaise sauce.

We are honing the Bed n Breakfast menu as we go. Photographing as we go too. My daughter and I have certainly practiced many items over the years, but there is always room for learning.


  • Garden grown greens, cheese and Cluckingham Palace eggs with homemade toast.

Berry or Almond French Toast

  • Berry sweet and buttery, almonds and homemade bread with berry compote. or…
  • Almond with maple syrup, coconut flakes, flaked almonds, and Greek yoghurt.

Breakfast Tacos

  • Eggs sunny side up in corn tortillas, roasted cherry tomatoes and sautéed onions, avocado, oregano, a side of refried beans and salsa.

Blueberry Pancakes

  • Fluffy pancakes, wild blueberries (or strawberry rhubarb as seen here), sliced almonds, maple syrup and Greek yoghurt.

Avocado Toast

  • Crisp homemade multigrain topped with fresh avocado, red onion, sriracha, and drizzle of lemon.

Smoked Salmon Bagel

  • Pacific smoked salmon, capers, cucumbers, dill, cream cheese, red onion toasted on multigrain bagel.

Creamy Almond Steel Cut Oats

  • With sliced almonds, coconut, and wild blueberries or bananas, ginger and coconut.

Breakfast Sandwich

  • Homemade sourdough English muffin, fried egg, thick bacon, sliced tomato, and garden greens.

Eggs Benedict

  • English muffin with back bacon, poached egg, topped with hollandaise sauce.

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