the art of language: having something to say

the art of language: having something to say

Language arts implies there is an art to learning language. It is colourful, varied, sometimes off-beat. Sometimes it’s formal, sometimes it’s not. Sometimes it’s reporting, sometimes it’s playing. This month of November, two of my¬†daughters are participating in NaNoWriMo. National Novel Writing Month. Grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and writing lessons are on hold, while they write … Continue reading

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for those that write, or wanna write: 8 things I tell myself every day

Thoughts I think throughout the day… 1. I should write that down…so I do, in one of a dozen notebooks, or my iPod. Those weird, or silly, things that my kids say or do that send me into mentally writing a blog post…that’s gotta have a place. Don’t lose it, find a place to write … Continue reading