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5 suggestions about buying new curriculum

“…education doesn’t need to be reformed–it needs to be transformed. The key to this transformation is not to standardize education, but to personalize it, to build achievement on discovering individual talents of each child, to put students in an environment where they want to learn and where they can naturally discover their true passions.” Sir … Continue reading

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And then comes the curriculum choosing… What is it you’re hoping the formal studies are going to accomplish in their grown-up lives? Teach them to communicate? Enable them to have math literacy? Be exposed to different places, historical figures, understand the worlds’ events? So many ways to answer those questions, if they’re important to you. You get … Continue reading

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I’ve always been resistant to answering the question, what curriculum do you use? because though I do use it, I don’t think there is one right book, one right way of tackling any subject. I don’t think in grades, so I am not familiar with the provincial expectations. What would it matter anyway? If I … Continue reading