February: loving my kids
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February: loving my kids

Love is spelled T-I-M-E we’re told. I have learned that despite homeschooling my children, I can easily not spend quality time with my kiddos. Since we are so often together driving in the car somewhere, or doing our weekday studies, making dinner or reading a book, it can be a challenge to set aside even … Continue reading

what I’ve been learning about control
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what I’ve been learning about control

…that trying to control doesn’t work. And ironically, I’m more at peace when I let go and control less. Do you remember the first time you canoed with your kiddos against a current? If you have, you may have an inkling what it’s like to homeschool parent. And though we really need to move together in unison … Continue reading

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give a kid a pizza, feed him for a day; teach a kid to make a pizza, feed him for a lifetime

What’s your favourite fun food? I ask my husband who is a seasoned, fine dining connoisseur. His answer: peanut butter. As with all things on Fun Friday, food has got to be fun, but peanut butter is not on my schedule. On Fridays, the weekly schedule is finished, possibly even completed, and we’re settling into a … Continue reading

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hexagonal happiness

We have four kids.  You might see us at piano lessons on Tuesday afternoon, curling class on Saturday morning, or voice on Thursday afternoons. You could see me with them at the local grocery, wandering the aisles once or twice a week. But any day, every day that we wander outside our yard, I hear: Are those … Continue reading


Off the Beaten Path

I picked up a book on our spring vacation. I had a free afternoon to wander my new surroundings while my husband cared for the kiddos. I ventured into a chic bookstore on main street. Thumbing my way through the parenting section, I came upon a book titled The Homeschooling Option: How to Decide When … Continue reading