New to Homeschool? How to Spend Eighteen Years with Your Kids
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New to Homeschool? How to Spend Eighteen Years with Your Kids

I don’t mean the years where half the day is spent finding everything for their backpack, dropping them and their permission forms off at school for 0830, then seeing them again at 3. I mean eighteen years, 8-3 included. I mean bad dreams at midnight turning into five hour cuddles…three people in a queen bed and … Continue reading

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stop the bus–handicapped home educator

So I was just saying to myself a half hour before, You gotta stop doing so much. It’s no service to you, or your children. It won’t make you happier if you take on one more activity. And then my husband was telling me just fifteen minutes before, You’ve gotta give the kids more time to get … Continue reading

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pros & cons of being the perpetual mother hen

I was amused when a much older friend told me she loved watching me with my kids. I was the quintessential mother hen, as I always have the four kids following along behind me. I remember a young mom saying she was just so thrilled to homeschool her kiddos so she could just be with them … Continue reading

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where to do studies, or where to learn…

The study, of course. This would be the room with the shelves of Dear Canada novels and my collections of books for the prescribed reading lists, and math workbooks, and dictionaries, and you know, schoolish stuff. “Oh, this is your schoolroom!” I’ve heard this exclamation many times. It’s a lovely room: 1920s hardwood floors, floor-to-ceiling … Continue reading

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a Key Note: a musical education

As I sip this non-fat decaf cappuccino (also known as flavoured water) and attempt eating just HALF of this delectable haystack, I relish in listening to the ukulele sextet playing outside my coffee shop booth. Possibly there is nothing more reminiscent of palm trees and margaritas, hammocks and luaus, than a ukulele strumming Aloha ‘Oe. Yup, right … Continue reading

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out of the mouth of babes: 8 year old reading lists…

Prescribed reading lists for kids…Yep, I do them. I require them to read particular books that I deem valuable, that I hope they will remember as part of their childhood memories, and begin to introduce good literature to their little minds. I’ve gone back and forth on this idea, because when left to their own … Continue reading