self-directed learning

parlez-vous francais?

Unless we move to Quebec or France, I don’t expect my children will learn French fluently. When we lived briefly in Kenya, we came prepared with a travel language book on Swahili; but even the locals didn’t speak as the book suggested. I sat with the housekeeper at the end of her workday and had … Continue reading

what we do

the gondolier

The twenty year veteran Gondolier whistled, I just called to say I love you, as we floated down the Sansiere san Polo. This boat really is romantic, travelling between the water corridors around the Grand Canal tipping to the hard right when floating under the bridges at high tide. Venice is not a tiny island; … Continue reading

travelling / where we go

murano, burano, turcello

I’ve brought a wool blanket and stuffed it into my backpack for the boat tour to the Murano, Turcello, and Burrano Islands. We pull our soaked sock feet tied in plastic bags and cover ourselves with the blanket, enjoying the view. When we arrive at Murrano, we are shuttled into a showroom, where the glassmakers … Continue reading

travelling / where we go

fanciful field trip in Firenze (Florence)

One thing we do get for free in Tuscany, is the famed natural aesthetics. This place is gorgeous. Florence has its own medieval perfection.   Is that the sewer, mom? No, honey, that’s the river. Kind of reminds me of the Thames River in London. Mud, with water. Caffe latte, but with pretty arched bridges … Continue reading

travelling / where we go

take me out to the ballgame

Volare, the tried and true first vehicle I owned, happens to be the first restaurant name we’ve attached to our two day Chicago layover. Deep dish pizza be darned. On the night before we fly to Rome, we’re ordering tortellini stuffed with lobster, veal limone, linguine alfredo, and four cheese pizza–gorgonzola, manchego, asiago and mozzarella. … Continue reading

travelling / where we go

a field trip across the pond

“The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark”. “If you knew how much work went into it, you wouldn’t call it genius”. Michelangelo Buonarotti   These are quotes from the Michelangelo…the one that sculpted … Continue reading